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Practical language training

Is your company moving towards international market or are you otherwise interested in improving practical language skills of your personnel?

Our language training is based on inter person communications and interactivity instead of traditional classroom approach. We like to call it precision training and it is always tailored to best meet the needs of the customer. In this way we are able to produce training solutions to exactly fit customer’s requirements.

Preparations for different types of conferences, meetings or everyday situations are good examples on what we can offer. In these days of globalization English has become the most important communication language in business. Therefore In addition to good language skills, it is good to understand, at least in some extent, the behavioral culture and some codes of conducts of your business partners. Depending on the nationality and even hierarchy levels these conducts may differ a lot.

Whether you need one-off or you have longer term training target, please don’t hesitate to contact us and do this together!

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We specialize in technical and marketing documentation for technology industry. Our language pair is Finnish and English.

Editing and proofreading of existing or incomplete documents. Updating existing documentation.