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Register keeper

Kääntöhauki (Business ID:  1943177-5), Keulantie 1 D 29, 28190 Pori

Register name

Kääntöhauki Customer Register (CRM) – Finland

Purpose for handling personal data

Register is used for handling customer relations, customer communication and marketing. The register data is used only in direct marketing of Kääntöhauki unless the customer specifically denies us doing so.

Contents of the register

Customer contact information enabling the ordering process: last name, first name, name of the company, business ID, street address, postal code, city, phone number and e-mail address. Possible ban for direct marketing. Information on customer order history, bending quotations and delivered services.

Normal information sources

Communications and customer data are gathered when customer relationship is formed and during it of information delivered to the register keeper. Ban for direct marketing is stored upon customer’s request.

Normal release of data and data transfer outside EU

Customer register data is not released nor transferred.

Principles of protection of the register

Only specified members of the staff of the register keeper are allowed to use or edit data on systems containing customer information. Each user has username and password of her own in order to access the system. Persons handling customer register data are bound by professional confidentiality.

Customer register data is stored in protected cloud service. No customer data is stored locally in laptops, tablets or smartphones by the register keeper or its staff. The data is accessed only through cloud service.

Data is told or released outside the company only by duty defined by the law, by a request of the customer or by a law based request by public authority.