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Cookie usage

We use cookies in our webpage in order to better understand our users and to provide them a better user experience. Cookies are also used in creation of different visitor statistics. With visitor statistics we can gather data on usage patterns of our pages and develop our pages accordingly.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are stored e.g. in the computer of mobile device during the page is used. Cookies are completely anonymous and contain no personal data. Cookies are not capable of reading data from the page user’s computer or mobile device.

Are cookies harmful?

Cookies cause no harm to the computer of surfing the net. Cookies are ordinary text files which are not capable to hold viruses. In addition cookie files are small and will not fill our computer’s memory.

Preventing cookie usage

In case you don’t accept cookie usage, you can deny it in the settings of your internet browser or simply stop using our pages.

In case you ban cookie usage altogether some features of our pages may quit working.