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Translation services now available for private persons.

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After some consideration we decided to start offering translation services also for private persons.

These days applying for employment abroad is much easier than before. The EU-wide common labor market and internet have eased the processes and lightened the bureaucracy in seeking employment abroad. Still in the early years of the 90s the situation was much more complicated. Working permits or working visas were required in most countries and that required a lot of official paper work. After Finland became a full member of the European Union in practice the whole of Europe (EU and ETA countries) is one huge labor market.

Along the full EU membership the school records and work records do not usually need to be translated and stamped by an official translator. There are of course exceptions to the rule. In case your application is aimed at some official position abroad your records probably need official status as well. It is always a good idea to find out these requirements well before applying.

In case you apply for job outside Europe you most likely still need a work permit and/or work visa which bear official status thus requiring official translation.

In addition to the documentation for international job seeking, we do other types of translations as well. You might need your business plan translated in order to acquire international funding for your business idea or you may have a manuscript you want to get translated.

Whatever your need is, please don’t hesitate to contact and tell us!

At this time our working languages are Finnish, English and Swedish.